Keto Diet Facts & Tips

Does keto make you tired?

It can, during the transition period or if you do it incorrectly. It can mean:

  • You need more B vitamins (especially B1 and B5) – these 2 vitamins are crucial in the metabolism and the ability to make energy

  • A need to increase potassium (eat large quantities of vegetables)

  • Deficiency of stomach acids (apple cider vinegar, sea salt, betaine hydrochloride )

  • Hidden carbohydrates in your food

  • Decreased blood sugars (feeling tired)

  • High blood sugar (tired after eating)

  • Need for more sleep

There might be other reasons behind tiredness that are not keto-related. It could be connected to digestion, or stress or inflammation, for example. Try to handle the root cause while following a Healthy Keto® plan.

Last updated: Apr 07, 2023 02:08 AM