Keto Diet Facts & Tips

Does looking at sweets spike your insulin?

The answer is no – not in a fasting state. Looking at sweets and carbs will not cause an insulin spike. The primary triggers of blood sugar are glucose and things that turn into glucose. But, anything you eat has the potential to trigger insulin just for the fact that you ate it. If it’s more carbohydrate, it will trigger your blood sugar more. If it’s less carbohydrate and more fat, it will trigger your blood sugar less.

Chronic high insulin can lead to insulin resistance. Other triggers that can cause a blood sugar spike:

• Cortisol – Stress


• Protein – especially if it’s low fat

Common symptoms of insulin resistance

1. Can’t go long without eating

2. Not satisfied

3. Cravings

4. Need for snacks

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 16:13 PM