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Does taking too much calcium lead to kidney stones?

Studies show that taking around 500mg of calcium carbonate will increase your risk of developing kidney stones. Massive doses of vitamin D over many months can also cause hypercalcemia, which can contribute to kidney stones. However, neither of these are the primary causes of kidney stones.

The most common reasons for kidney stones are:

1. Kidney damage - years of bad dieting can cause poor kidney function. Try a healthy keto diet.

2. Excess oxalates - avoid oxalate-rich foods, including almonds, spinach, swiss chard, and chocolate.

3. Low citrates - take citrates or lemon juice.

4. Low fluid - stay hydrated! At least 2.5 liters each day.

5. Poor microbiome - improve your microbiome with probiotics and prebiotics (fiber).

6. Low bile - take purified bile salts if you have low bile or a missing gallbladder.

Last updated: Aug 01, 2023 14:01 PM