Natural Remedies

Does zinc help with diarrhea?

There are two main reasons why people are deficient in zinc:

1. They don't have enough zinc in their diet. Most zinc in the diet comes from animal products.

2. They are consuming foods high in phytates or phytic acid, which is in the fiber part of grains. Phytates block the absorption of zinc. 

The three main purposes of zinc in relation to preventing diarrhea:

1. Zinc restores the mucosal barrier integrity of your intestines.

2. Zinc is involved in the enzyme activity in intestinal cells. 

3. Zinc is needed for antibodies to fight off pathogens.

Other natural remedies for diarrhea other than zinc:

• Bentonite clay 

• Kefir (unsweetened and whole-fat) and blackberries blended together

Another problem when it comes to diarrhea is that you lose your electrolytes and trace minerals. It may be beneficial to take trace minerals and electrolytes as well as zinc for diarrhea. 

Last updated: Jul 24, 2023 14:12 PM