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How can autophagy progress in certain circumstances?

Well, autophagy in general, and I think you're probably talking about the recent one I did on cancer, but autophagy is a state where your body is recycling things, damaged proteins, and even taking care of certain microbes and pathogens.

And so that's a really exciting thing too that people don't really talk about that. But it's a way of recycling things to then give you new proteins to build new things as well as to make, actually just to act as fuel. So here's the thing that I mentioned in that recent video on cancer.

There are certain types of cancer therapies they're developing right now to inhibit autophagy because cancer has figured out, hey, we can get the resources from the autophagy to survive better too. Then people are confused, like should I do autophagy or not? Well, the thing is autophagy cleans up damaged mitochondria, so it's great as a preventative thing. It's great as a preventative thing, and since prolonged fasting is one of the most potent things for autophagy, you might be thinking, well, would that be a good remedy for cancer? And the answer is yes.

So even though the cancer might get resources, (2:30) there's so many other positive genetic things and things that happen when you (2:35) do fasting that are against cancer to counter this invasion of cancer. So I(2:41) wouldn't try to inhibit any type of autophagy, whether you have cancer or not. (2:48) You want to encourage it.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2024 14:24 PM