Intermittent Fasting

How can I avoid compromising my training while fasting and what should I consume after a fast?

Fasting helps counter some of the damage from the exercise. You might find that you'll get a lot more benefits if you can exercise in a fasting state. It would be good to have some measurement of your recovery too. You probably could pick it up on your ability to sleep well and soreness. But there's other tests that you can measure with the heart rate variability. When you come off of a longer fast, if you're been eating good t's not going to be a big problem. It's not that dangerous to worry about what you eat. If you're doing one day fast or even a two day fast but when you get into three days, four days, five days, the danger is that if you have too much carbohydrate too fast, then you'll get this shift in electrolytes for potassium through the cells. And that could be dangerous, but that's in rare cases, if you're starving. I would start to break it with a smaller amount of food.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 15:00 PM