Keto Food Questions

How can I do a vegetarian version of the keto diet?

I think you can do it. Certain nutrients that are difficult to get when you're doing a vegan diet. Zinc, the bioavailable zinc, the active form of vitamin A, retinol, which is hard to get. You get the beta-carotene not the actual retinol, but it's possible. B12 is a bit difficult. DHA is difficult. Omega-3, but you can get that if you do algae or maybe even spirulina. I think what you're missing is you're gonna have to get your amino acids and maybe from spirulina, that's a good source, and maybe you're gonna have to consume combinations of other types of proteins like walnuts, other nuts, I would say sprouted legumes, and so you're just gonna have to look at that because it can be done but it's difficult to get your proteins. That's the really the big thing right there. The other thing is like trying to get your carbohydrates lower, right? So we want them under 50 grams per day, that net carbs. That's another thing you're gonna have to look at and I think if you can do away with grains and then try to focus on some other things, you can get maybe certain protein from organic tofu or tempeh or certain other things.

Last updated: Apr 08, 2024 14:35 PM