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How can I improve my stamina?

Tocotrienols actually will give you more oxygen, and allow you to go longer when you exercise, and have more endurance, because you're getting the muscles more oxygen to work, and with less fatigue. That's a really good one. Also, if someone is a smoker, for example or they have some type of damage to the mitochondria, methylene blue is another one that can kind of temporarily help give your mitochondria more oxygen to have more stamina with exercise.

I'm going to be doing more videos on an exercise, because it's fascinating. Out of all the factors to improve your health, even if you don't sleep well, if you still exercise, you'll see, it seems to nullify the bad stuff, or the weaknesses that you have within your genetics or your body. This exercise is right at the top of the list as far as importance of being consistent exercise, blood flow, mitochondria, prevention, preventing of cancer, heart problems.

So that's definitely if you don't have the endurance, look at these other factors, but also look at your basic diet, because it could be you're not consuming enough of the right amount of protein, too. That could be another factor.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2024 14:23 PM