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How can I improve symptoms of melasma or alopecia?

I think the best thing is, if you have alopecia and you're losing hair, usually that's an autoimmune problem, and I have several videos on it.

There's many different things you can do, but it all depends on your history and when did it start, and getting clues of what changed. Are you on the right diet? Are you also taking the right B vitamins? Are you having the right trace minerals, for example? These are all just factors, but when you try to figure out a remedy, I'll just give you an example of what I do. Let's say you're trying to figure this out.

The first thing you do is you go to Wikipedia to find out what they say to do, and then go in the exact opposite direction, because you know the truth is going to be in that area. Then what you do is you search patents overseas with different conditions. You get a lot of great data to get clues, natural herbal remedies for certain things, and then also look at veterinarian medicine.

There's all sorts of great like DSMO for arthritis for horses and other animals, but of course for humans they say, oh yeah, it doesn't work for humans. I'm like, okay, well I'm going to try it. So there's a lot of different remedies out there you can find out about.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2024 14:23 PM