Keto Food Questions

How can I keep my family on keto while working around allergies?

It's just a matter of looking at what's acceptable. And on my website, I have a download of all the foods you can eat, and there's a lot more options. You can eat a lot of additional foods, and you're going to have to work on just avoiding those foods right now. And the other thing that you have to realize, if you include intermittent fasting and even periodic prolonged fasting. It's one of the best things to get rid of allergies because it strengthens your immune system. So you can do the avoidance for a period of time and then slowly introduce a small amount of food over time to increase tolerance but also the fasting is something that a lot of people don't realize that is really good for allergies, not just food but environmental as well as the allergy to your own tissue that's called autoimmune.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 15:10 PM