Weight Loss

How can I maintain my weight?

The thing about maintenance is you don't want to change too many things. Now the question is, let's say you start losing too much weight. That's a completely different thing. So if you're losing too much weight, then you maybe want to add in a bit more fat and then raise the carbs a little bit more, not to go over that 50 grams. If you have really improved your health, and you're have less of insulin resistance problem and you have more leeway to get away with things that you probably were not able to get away with before. You might want to test the waters and see if you can occasionally have those days where you go off the program and see how you do. If you can get back on readily, it just gives you more flexibility. The more health you have in your reserve tank, the better you are.

Last updated: Mar 28, 2024 14:24 PM