Different Foods Questions and Facts

How can I make cutting grains out of my diet easier?

I think the best way is just to understand what grains really are. You're eating a lot of concentrated seeds. Our bodies naturally are not designed to eat a lot of concentrated seeds. They come with a package, they come with anti-nutrients, a gluten that is the only protein that we can't digest. They come with weight gain and increased insulin resistance. I think a better approach would be to definitely eat those grains, but in a different form. You can sprout them for a week or two weeks and then eat the baby microgreens now you're going to be able to digest them. They're not going to bother you. Of course, they don't quite taste like the bread, pasta, cereal, crackers, biscuits etc. The other option would be to look up some of the recipes on our website, on the grain substitutes. There's a wonderful almond flour.

Last updated: Mar 22, 2024 14:31 PM