Estrogen Balance with DIM

How can I relieve pre - post menopause symptoms?

With menopause, you experience a drop in both hormones. But because of the ratio of the two, it appears as though you have estrogen dominance when, in fact, you have an estrogen deficiency along with a progesterone deficiency. It’s just that progesterone has dropped more than estrogen.

Some of the symptoms you may experience before and after menopause are hot flashes, breast atrophy, vaginal dryness, and no periods (amenorrhea). Of course, menopause is that life stage during which your periods naturally stop, usually around age 52. But your periods may stop before that because of a drop in estrogen.

Regardless of what age you are, if you have any of these symptoms it could be because of a drop in estrogen or progesterone

Last updated: Jan 05, 2023 04:04 AM