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How can I shrink excess skin?

Dr. Berg's Guidelines for Prolonged Fasting.docx.

Dr. Berg Nutritionals staff, including Dr. Berg Advisors, do not encourage prolonged fasting. We are not healthcare professionals equipped with the tests and facilities to perform the necessary monitoring during a prolonged fast, nor do we have an individual's medical health records. Dr. Berg Advisors provides this document based on Dr. Berg's education for informational purposes only to those already on a prolonged fast or independently choosing to do one.

Always consult with your healthcare provider before starting a prolonged fast.  If you're considering prolonged fasting, discussing the benefits and risks with your healthcare provider is essential.

The best thing is a combination of several things. You want to do definitely periodic, prolonged fasting to start to have your body recycle some of the extra protein and the collagen that's stretched out with a good amount of vigorous exercise. Those two you need to really focus on more than the average person to get some tightening action going on. 

Last updated: May 02, 2024 20:09 PM