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How can I sleep better and keep my cells nourished?

When someone has some type of defect in their genes, and everyone does have some defects and mutations to their genes, and there's some great DNA testing that you can do, you'll see more of this as time goes on. It doesn't mean that those genes will always be expressed, because they're not the controlling factor. You have epigenetics, which is above your genes. So it's lifestyle. It's when you eat. It's what you eat. It's the stress level, all these other things. But what you're trying to do, which is smart, is trying to do fasting. And it's been hard, so you have to snack.

First of all, you need to start including the apple cider vinegar with water with your meals, and maybe even before you go to bed, because that's one of the best things to regulate your blood sugars. Even if someone does a high-carb diet, if they consume that apple cider vinegar with water, their blood sugars will be better, even if you have something called the dawn phenomenon in the morning, where your blood sugars are high.

The other thing is to look back at my videos on your meal and compare it to what I recommend to what you're doing. You might need more fat with the meal. Because if you're truly in ketosis, to be able to get the benefits, you need to go. You should lose your appetite, so you should not be hungry at all, and you should feel good, and everything should be fine. So the fasting for your condition is so vitally important, because that way all these cool things will happen when you start fasting to your blood like normalization of all sorts of things.

You may also need to add a little bit of salt and water in the evening and drink that. That does help sleep, especially if you have what you have. And there's other remedies, too, like vitamin D3 before bed and zinc before bed. These are all just natural things that I would do versus snacking.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 15:10 PM