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How can I stop snacking?

When people start snacking and grazing, they can get into a cycle of raising their blood sugar and insulin, then dropping their blood sugar. Eating causes hunger about one and a half hours later, especially when you’re consuming carbohydrates. Then, the process repeats. If someone is stuck in this snacking cycle, eventually they could develop high insulin, which could then lead to insulin resistance.

Here is what you should know in relation to snacking.
Eating and depression:
You might feel better temporarily, but then the high insulin could cause depression to worsen. Eating when tired:
The more you eat to try to get more energy, the more tired you’ll be.
Eating when bored or stressed:

The more you eat when bored or stressed, the more you release cortisol, which could cause you to be more stressed.

Eating carbs for pleasure:

You could constantly spike dopamine, putting yourself at risk for developing dopamine resistance.

Eating for no reason:

Some people eat because the food is there, and then they get stuck in the snacking trap.

Many people don’t realize that when they do fasting correctly, they can put the body in a condition where there are no hunger or cravings. This is because the body is essentially eating its own fat all day long. Fat generates ketones, a clean fuel.

If you do fasting correctly, you’ll feel good, you could have improved cognitive function and you could have an enhanced mood.

What to do:

  • Do not eat breakfast (most important)

  • Understand that eating causes hunger

  • Do not make junk foods available

  • Stay very active

  • Avoid carbs when you eat

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023 15:41 PM