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How can I support my body during menstruation?

That usually means you need to increase more of calcium magnesium before your period. And also you could be estrogen dominant in which case you need more iodine from sea kelp. So the combination of sea kelp will help the periods greatly. And then of course, as far as food goes, you can get your iodine from shellfish. And then the calcium from dairy unless you have some problem with dairy, make sure it's a high quality dairy. So to help with the periods and with estrogen dominant, sometimes you need to avoid dairy.

Some of the estrogen might be coming from soy, could be coming from alcohol, wine, because that will increase estrogen in men and women. Are you taking birth control pills? Are you taking HRT? Maybe avoid these factors that increase estrogen, which can actually make the period worse.

Last updated: Mar 27, 2024 14:27 PM