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How can someone gain weight with gastritis?

If you want to get healthy, you're gonna have to do it with keto, but just eating a lot more food. And the other thing is the problem with gastritis is that we have a weakness within the ability to consume those large meals. Now you're going to have, it's kind of a catch 22. It's going to be difficult. You're gonna have to fix the weak link first, because you're not necessarily in a condition where you could consume large amounts of calories because it's going to overload the system and you're not going to properly digest that well. One of the things with gastritis that I talk about with that remedy is zinc. The cabbage is good for that, but I would watch my videos on that and then heal the system first. Then you may find just from doing the assimilation of amino acids, proteins might do better and you just might gain healthy muscle just from fixing your stomach.

Last updated: Apr 08, 2024 14:36 PM