Trouble with Keto?

How do I boost my discipline for keto and exercise?

  1. Discipline is self-control. It’s restraint of impulses, emotions, or desires. People are not naturally lazy. If you think that you’re “just lazy,” chances are you are not. You may just be tired and need to energize yourself.

First, get yourself started on the keto diet. If done correctly, it will generate a lot of energy so you can exercise.

Next, you need to raise your emotions. People who are higher emotionally naturally have more discipline because your emotion controls your behavior. Listening to music, partnering with friends, or simply being around very upbeat people can raise your emotional level.

Speed up! The more you speed up, the higher the emotion. People who move fast, talk fast, or just are always in motion have high discipline and get things done, and usually don’t have a problem staying consistent.

Find yourself a trainer or coach. A personal trainer will always push you way further than you can push yourself. A keto or health coach can give you the information that you’re missing that could make a world of difference.

Keep your word! That’s your integrity. Every time you keep your word you start building up your will power, and you can actually trust yourself because you have more integrity.

Make it easier to do. No complex meals, keep it simple.

Try working out for 10 minutes instead of not at all, because something is always better than nothing.

Last updated: Mar 27, 2023 01:17 AM