Sleep Aid

How do I burn more fat when sleeping?

You actually burn more fat at night than during the day.

How to burn fat:

1. Get plenty of sleep

• Sleep in a cooler room

• Sleep in a very dark room

• Don’t expose your eyes to blue light before bed

• Don’t watch something like a thriller or the news before bed

• Take vitamin B1, vitamin D, and zinc before bed

• Lower your cortisol by focusing on your breath

• Lower your stress by doing physical work or exercise

• If you wake up to urinate, get on the keto diet, do fasting, and don’t eat or drink after 6:30 pm

2. Exercise

• Do vigorous full-body exercise

• Do HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

• Don’t eat right before, during, or right after your workout

3. Do fasting

• Do intermittent fasting as well as periodic prolonged fasting

• Exercise while fasting (if possible)

4. Adjust your macros

• Don’t count vegetable carbohydrates (eat large salads)

• Keep your other carbs below 20g per day

• Consume a moderate amount of fat (only consume fat that’s on meat—don’t add additional fats)

• Consume 3-6 oz. of protein per meal

5. Keep your cortisol low

• Do physical work

• Take long walks

6. Trigger growth hormone

Things that trigger growth hormone:

• Niacin

• Arginine

• Zinc

• Creatine


• Vitamin D

• Potassium

• Magnesium

Last updated: Mar 19, 2023 21:41 PM