Electrolyte Powder

How do I get enough electrolytes while fasting?

When you're not eating any food what happens to these dietary requirements especially for potassium that needs to be 4,700 milligrams. The requirements go way down. They don't go down to zero but they go down because your body becomes more efficient. Your body starts to conserve things. I would say two of those scoops of electrolyte powder would give you a 2000 milligrams of potassium. I don't have a lot of sodium in my electrolyte powder, so you might need to add that sodium. That sodium is really important when you're doing fasting just as much as potassium, but you don't want to neglect that. The reason why some people might get tired when they fast is they don't do enough sodium to the sea salt. So I would do maybe a half to a third of a teaspoon of salt in some water, maybe break it up into a couple of times a day and you already just put it in the electrolyte powder and drink that.

Last updated: Apr 17, 2024 14:03 PM