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How do I prepare for detox?

There is a right way to detox and a wrong way to detox. You need to balance your detox. When you start taking things to purge poisons from the body or kill microbes, endotoxins can be released into the body. This can create an immune reaction.

Endotoxins can turn off the bile flow through the liver and through the bile ducts. Bile can become very toxic to the liver if it’s stuck inside of it. There can be a back-up of toxins in the blood. It also reduces glutathione, which is supposed to help protect you from free-radical damage and oxidation.

Normally there are three different phases of detoxification. You have poison that’s being released, and your body breaks it down into a harmless water-soluble particle. But, phase three is all about the elimination of the toxin through the bile ducts. The endotoxin shuts down the bile flow, which also reduces phase 2 and phase 3, so there is a back-up of toxic waste in the body. This can create detox reactions.

Detox reactions:

1. Herxheimer reaction (flu-like symptoms)

2. Right-quadrant pain

3. Nausea

4. Stool changes

5. Itchiness

6. Vision changes

7. Dark urine

Do this before you detox:

• Take purified bile salts 30 minutes before you start the detox. You could also take purified bile salts about an hour later. If you start to experience a reaction, taking more bile salts may help.

Last updated: Feb 23, 2024 15:28 PM