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How do I read labels to avoid hidden sugars?

Many people buy items that they believe are sugar-free, but on closer examination, it becomes clear that the manufacturer has packaged it in such a way as to sneak in sugar and make it seem healthier than it is. Here are some of numerous examples:

  • Real cane sugar; okay, as compared to what? Fake cane sugar?

  • Brown sugar; the difference between it and white sugar is that brown sugar has a minuscule trace of molasses, but not enough to make any nutritious difference.

  • Sugar in the raw; what, like that’s better because it’s raw? It’s still refined sugar and will create the same blood sugar issues.

  • Coconut sugar; sounds healthy, because it comes from coconuts.

  • Organic cane sugar; must be healthy because it’s organic, right?

  • Fruit juice concentrate; because we know fruit is healthy (sarcasm intended).

  • Made with real fruit; sure, to start with, then it’s heavily processed.

  • Made with whole grains; but we know that whole grains aren’t healthy! Their phytates deplete minerals such as zinc, not to mention the gluten they contain that can destroy your stomach. And it’s certain that refined grains will be added.

  • Brown rice sugar; as compared to what, white rice sugar?

  • Beet sugar; as though beets are better. But they’re genetically modified, so you’re getting glyphosate.

  • Date sugar; which may have slightly more vitamins and minerals but has the same glycemic effect as other sugar.

  • Honey; will spike insulin.

  • Maple syrup; will also spike insulin.

  • Agave nectar; mostly fructose and can cause insulin resistance.

  • Barley malt; also highly glycemic.

Sometimes the total carbohydrates listed on a label are misleading regarding the total effect of the sugars. For example, a potato chip might have just 22 grams of net carbs but because it’s fried, it will spike your blood sugar because there is no fiber content to offset the carbs.

Another sneaky word that’s used is natural. As if that automatically makes the food “healthy.”

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023 15:41 PM