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What are the causes for hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia is a condition where your blood sugar level is too low. The main cause of hypoglycemia is consumption of too many carbs. Eating carbs triggers insulin to lower the resulting blood sugar spikes. When your blood sugar gets lowered (too much) by insulin you can get anxiety-like symptoms and will crave sweet/high-carb foods. The best way to fix this is to reduce your consumption of carbs and provide the body with better fuel: ketones (energy made from body fat).


  • Avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar

  • Avoid snacking

  • Don’t eat before going to bed

  • Do the Healthy Keto® diet

  • Do an intermittent fasting plan

Other causes:

  • Bad sleep

  • Lack of vitamin D

  • Thyroid issues

  • High estrogen

Last updated: May 04, 2023 01:48 AM