Hair Formula

How Long Do I Need to Take Hair Formula?

Hair Formula is designed to provide the nutrients to support healthy hair growth and can be taken until you see your desired results. Once you have regained healthy hair growth, you can determine whether or not you want to lower the amount you take, the frequency you take the product, or if you wish to discontinue using it altogether.

If you wish to reduce the use of Hair Formula, it is advised to start by reducing the dosage to 1 capsule per day and see if this change affects your hair growth. If you notice your hair thinning, you may want to increase the dosage back to 2 capsules per day. If you reduce the dosage and do not experience hair thinning, trying 1 capsule every other day is recommended. If you do not see hair thinning, you can continue to increase the number of days between doses of Hair Formula.

Hair Formula is meant to supplement the nutrients which support healthy hair growth. Ultimately, it is essential to understand the underlying causes of hair thinning and hair loss. Dr. Berg has created many videos on hair loss causes, two of which are below.

The Most Common Cause of Hair Loss

The #1 Hidden Cause of Your Hair Loss (Different Types)

Healthy Keto is a great way to consume the necessary nutrients to help support healthy hair growth. Below is a video on how to get started on the Healthy Keto program.

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