Natural Remedies

How much strontium citrate should I take daily?

I wouldn't take an individual mineral for a very, very long time especially like a trace mineral like that. Unless you're at the same time taking the whole complex of these, these trace minerals, and then also that strontium is not very high. So that way you can not throw something out of balance.

The same thing with like zinc. It's okay to take zinc for a pit, but then make sure you take the copper and the other, other minerals that it's in, because we don't even know the complexities of how these all work together. That's why I like to take minerals in a complex.

And even if you take electrolytes make sure it has the trace minerals in there because they all work together. I wouldn't just do the either take more trace minerals with that, not take that one for a long period of time.

Last updated: Mar 18, 2024 16:49 PM