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How probiotics work for fatty liver?

if you have a liver problem. This could include problems like a fatty liver, a liver that has inflammation, or cirrhosis. If your belly sticks out, you may have a fatty liver. 

Probiotics can help prevent bacterial translocation. When there’s liver damage, the bacteria in your colon have the ability to migrate beyond the colon and into the lymphatic system. Once the bacteria get into the lymphatic system, you can have immune reactions, and you can trigger cytokines. This can cause inflammation, increase endotoxins, and increase TNF alpha. 

Probiotics can also help reduce ammonia. One of the side effects of advanced liver problems is an excessive amount of ammonia in the blood.  Probiotics may significantly reduce symptoms associated with liver disease. Probiotics may also help slow down fibrosis and reduce ammonia.

How to get probiotics:

• Take a good probiotic supplement 

• Consume kombucha 

• Consume sauerkraut 

• Consume kimchi 

• Consume kefir (plain and unsweetened) 

Last updated: Jul 24, 2023 14:09 PM