Fitness Tips

How to achieve the maximum results out of exercising?

Exercise comes down to two different types, anaerobic and aerobic. Understanding these two types of exercise will give you the ability to adjust your workout to your needs and maximize your results.

Anaerobic exercise:

Without oxygen

Duration: short

Intensity: high

Recovery: long

Frequency: less often

Goal: increasing muscle growth, strength, and speed

Aerobic exercise:

With oxygen

Duration: long

Intensity: low

Recovery: short

Frequency: more often

Goal: endurance

You'll see the most benefits if you do both anaerobic and aerobic exercises. This combination will help you maintain your muscles and endurance. If you build up to doing the high-intensity workout required for anaerobic exercise—you only need to do the workout one to two times per week. A good example of a high-intensity workout is high-intensity interval training or HIIT. On the other days of the week, you need to recover or try aerobic exercise. You can do aerobic exercise three to seven days a week.

Last updated: Feb 05, 2024 15:50 PM