Intermittent Fasting

How to avoid excessive bloating on intermittent fasting?

When you eat fewer meals, you need to increase the size of your meal. The problem is you may feel bloated, so we need to overcome this. This can stress the digestive system.

1. You can separate out your macro-calories - keep your vegetables separate from your protein and fat. You can stretch out your meal to 2 hours. It's about avoiding combining too many types of food together its harder on the digestion.

2. Lots of people do not have the acid in their stomach between 1-3, making it hard to digest.

3. The next problem is avoiding certain vegetables that could bloat you.

4. Then there are food allergies - which you need to look at - milk, and dairy is common.

5. Watch out for eating too much fat, which can stress the gallbladder, and then if you don't have enough fats, you could be hungry between the meals. So this is the variable that needs to be adjusted to your body since everyone is different.

Last updated: Jan 28, 2023 20:26 PM