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How to avoid rusting out your brain?

Too much iron in the body is very dangerous to the mitochondria, and cells and can create a lot of damage. When you combine free iron with oxygen, it forms a very powerful free radical that can damage the fat layer that surrounds the nervous system called myelin.

In the body, the iron must be formed with the protein. He also talks about how the iron could destroy specific parts of the brain specifically the hippocampus which then can lead to dementia.

Sources of Excess Iron:

• Supplements – Some of the top main vitamin companies use the wrong type of iron in their ingredients. Type of iron you get from GNC or Drugstores and not food based.

• Fortification of Foods – primarily grains, enriching with synthetic vitamins and iron.

*Phytic Acid or IP-6 - Chelator that helps neutralized iron and get it out of the body safely to protect self against excess irons.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 16:20 PM