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How to beat stress?

Chronic stress is terrible for the body and can lead to several health concerns, including:

• Ulcers

• Diabetes 

• Muscle atrophy

• Weight gain 

• Cancer 

• Suppressed white blood cells 

• Inhibited immune function 

• Viruses 

• Autoimmune diseases 

• Stroke 

• Heart attack 

• Infertility 

• Insomnia 

• Lack of oxygen 

• Muscle tension 

• Cortisol resistance 

Chronic stress also reduces creativity and the ability to problem-solve. To stay calm under pressure, it’s crucial to train yourself to be in the present and have a relaxed attitude. 

Relaxation exercises to try:

• Relax the antagonistic muscles (where you hold tension)

• Relax your wrinkles 

• Relax the jaw muscles and tongue 

• Slow your eating, chew more, and relax your gut

Last updated: Oct 23, 2023 14:20 PM