Weight Loss

How to burn more calories without exercising and eating less?

I’ll show you how to burn more calories without exercising or eating less. Yes, it’s absolutely possible if you have the right information. Most people believe you have to exercise more and eat fewer calories because one pound of fat is 3,500 calories. So if it’s an average of 1800-2200 calories to run my body, and I eat fewer calories than that but exercise more, the problem is solved.

A UK website that gets over 43 million views per month says this: don’t skip your breakfast, eat regular meals, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, walk more to get more steps, drink more water, consume higher fiber foods, use a smaller plate, and don’t ban any specific food. They say you must eat in moderation. But here’s the big problem. You have two types of stored fuel; glycogen (sugar) and fat. The average person has 1700 calories of stored glycogen but 100,000 calories of fat. So how do you burn more fat calories? Because the goal isn’t to just burn off sugar calories then get hungry for carbs.

Doing everything in moderation will burn off glycogen but not fat. You have to treat types of calories differently. So, lower your carbs, eat moderate protein (the only time the advice to eat in moderation is accurate), and increase your fat consumption. Bring your carbs as close to zero as possible to maximize your fat burning.

As you feed your body fewer carbs your metabolism actually speeds up. You heal a condition called insulin resistance. Exercise is responsible for only about 15 percent of your weight loss. 85 percent is diet.

This is how to burn more calories without exercising or eating less.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 15:26 PM