Keto Diet Facts & Tips

How to calculate macros for keto?

Keto macros are given as

  • 5% carbs

  • 20% proteins

  • 75% fats

When we add intermittent fasting, this adds layers to the diet plan because you go from three meals per day, to two, to one. The percentages vary. Let’s say you eat 1,800 total calories on three meals per day; 1,500 on two meals; and 1,200 on one. Calories reduce somewhat of their own accord, the fewer meals per day you eat. It’s really hard to consume 1,800 calories in just one Healthy Keto® meal per day! As you reduce the frequency of your eating, you retain more nutrients from the amount of food you eat, so you do not need to consume the same amount in those three different scenarios.

As you reduce your number of meals per day, your body metabolically adapts and holds more nutrients from each meal. Ideally, on three meals a day, you should have a daily total of ten cups of vegetables. You can divide the ten cups by three meals for your amount per meal. When you go to two meals per day, your body is more efficient, so you can reduce the vegetables to eight cups per day or four cups per meal. When you get to one meal per day, you’d eat a total of seven cups of vegetables.

If you can keep your carbs to twenty or fewer grams per day, that would be ideal for a keto diet, and this applies whether you’re consuming three, two, or one meal per day. It’s the total grams of carbs that is important. Thirty grams or fewer is acceptable; twenty is ideal.

On protein, aim for 3 to 4 ounces per meal if you’re consuming three meals per day; 5 per meal if you’re having two meals per day;
And 8 ounces for one meal per day.

As for fat, when you first start keto and intermittent fasting, you’re going to need more fat. As you progress, you’ll need to consume less fat because your body is eating its own fat. The best way to judge how much fat you need is by basing it on your hunger.

Eat enough fat to keep you comfortable and full between meals but not so much that you feel stuffed. On average, you’d consume

  • 140 grams per day if you’re consuming three meals;

  • 113 grams per day if two meals;

  • 86 grams per day if you’re eating one meal per day.

The meal plans on, under Recipes, already have these keto macro amounts built into them.

Last updated: Oct 16, 2023 14:27 PM