Natural Remedies

How can I clean kidneys from uric acid and oxalates?

The kidneys can take a beating and can even regenerate. They are composed of roughly one million tiny filters, which filter your blood. But as you age, you start losing these filters—so it becomes even more important to start eating better and decrease exposure to toxins. The two worst things for your kidneys are sugar and oxalates. It’s crucial to stop consuming sugar and high-carb foods and to start limiting your exposure to high-oxalate foods.

However, consuming cheese or dairy with foods that are high in oxalates, but are otherwise healthy, can help counter kidney damage from oxalates.

The best ways to protect your kidneys:

1. Consume lemon water every morning

2. Consume apple cider vinegar mixed in water

3. Consume 2.5 liters of water a day

4. Avoid high-oxalate foods or add dairy to high-oxalate foods

5. Get on the Healthy Keto® diet and do intermittent fasting

6. Avoid fructose

7. Avoid consuming high levels of vitamin C

8. Consume potassium (not for end-stage kidney disease) 9. Consume plant foods and microgreens

Last updated: Jul 22, 2024 21:03 PM