Keto Food Questions

How to determine if I'm addicted to sweets?

First, let’s talk about the differences between an addition and a habit. Some people who crave sweets don’t realize that they are addicted. They may just say that they “love sweets.”

An addiction is something that you feel like you cannot live without. For instance, if you couldn’t have sweets for a day, would you go crazy, or would you be alright? A habit is something you could go without, but if you have the option, you would most likely choose to have sweets.

The first step is to acknowledge you have an addiction. Keep in mind that sweets are so addicting, they are even more addicting than drugs.

The problem many people make is going on a diet and trying to quit sweet things altogether. You have to have a substitute first. You can use numerous other sweeteners that will give you the same satisfaction that sugar does, but without the blood sugar spikes. Stevia is a common natural sweetener that you can use.

Over time, your body will readapt to having lower amounts of sugar. In fact, you’ll stop feeling sugar cravings. You’ll also reverse insulin resistance.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 15:33 PM