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How to drop cancer risk?

Cancer originates from normal cells. When something harmful happens in your environment, it can potentially create destruction to the mitochondria in your cells. Damaged mitochondria can no longer provide energy to a cell, and the cell is forced to use a different energy source. Now, we’re looking at a cancer cell. When mitochondria become damaged, and a cell turns into a cancer cell, the cancer cell becomes immortal. It also produces inflammation, and it seems to grow and spread into areas of inflammation. Mitochondria have many more functions than just producing energy. In my opinion, to reduce your risk of cancer, you need to reduce your risk of developing damage to the mitochondria.

Natural ways to decrease your cancer risk:

1. Do intermittent and periodic prolonged fasting

2. Exercise

3. Get quality sleep

4. Socialize

Last updated: Mar 01, 2024 15:45 PM