Food Facts

How to find a good bacon?

The farmers market has a higher quality of bacon or meats. 

Make sure the grains that pigs have been fed is Non-GMO and the most important key to making sure is to choose bacon that is certified organic. • All Natural – It means absolutely NOTHING. • Raised without Antibiotics • No Nitrates • Never Fed Animal Byproducts – Animal byproducts means waste products from other animals. • All Vegetarian Fed – Fed using GMO corn and soy. • Celery Powder • Sugar (0g of sugar) – Make sure the bacon has no sugar. 

Anything below a gram is considered zero. Important Things to Remember when Choosing Bacon or Meat Products: • Certified Organic – Fed NON-GMO • Farmers Market • Make sure it has 0 Sugar

Last updated: Jan 25, 2023 03:02 AM