Trouble with Keto?

How to fix Keto Fatigue?

There is a symptom called keto fatigue, which is so easy to fix if you understand this mechanism. 

Before doing keto, an average person is holding onto a lot of stored sugar (glycogen). For every gram of glucose that's stored, there are three grams of fluid stored. When you start keto, you lose the water as well as salt. The loss of sodium triggers a hormone in your adrenals (aldosterone), which makes sure you don't lose all of your sodium. The body needs sodium. 

This is an important hormone for survival. But, when it's increased, you lose potassium. Now, you're low in sodium and potassium, which could lead to fatigue and muscle cramps. Because you lost water and salt, you could also become dehydrated. This can cause you to be thirsty and therefore drink more water. 

But, you might not think to add salt to your water. When you drink more water without salt, you could worsen the sodium deficiency. 

Symptoms of low sodium:

• Weakness 

• Headaches 

• Nausea 

• Restlessness

• Insulin resistance 

Increased aldosterone can also lead to:

• Insomnia 

• High blood pressure 

*A person may benefit from consuming 1-1.5 tsp. of salt per day. 

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 16:12 PM