Sleep Aid

How to get more REM sleep?

REM sleep is more superficial. This is where most people have a problem. REM sleep is where you get your mental repair—It’s important for memory and learning. Many people don’t get the full REM sleep they need to support their minds. REM sleep is very similar to being awake. In fact, it can use up even more energy than you use while you’re awake. In REM sleep, you are more sensitive to temperature. So if your environment is too cool or warm, it can inhibit REM sleep.

In summary, NREM sleep is for physical rejuvenation, and REM sleep is for mental rejuvenation.

1. Relax the muscle around your brainstem

2. Get your breathing balanced

3. Adjust your blanket

4. Increase acetylcholine (vitamin B1/nutritional yeast)

5. Reduce stress - this is the biggest barrier to sleep

Last updated: Jan 13, 2023 03:17 AM