Natural Remedies

How to get rid of acne fast?

1. Androgens Androgens increase the size of the gland and oil production. This can come from PCOS, which I believe is really excess insulin. Insulin resistance is the real cause. An increase in a certain enzyme can also turn testosterone into DHT (a powerful form of testosterone), which can cause high androgens.

The best thing to take may be:

• Vitamin A (virgin cod liver oil)

• Vitamin B5

• Zinc 

2. Estrogen Estrogen dominance (excess estrogen) can also cause hormonal acne, which is connected to a menstrual cycle. Typically the liver can not clear excess estrogen. This causes a build-up of acne. Certain medications can also cause this. The enzyme aromatase, which converts testosterone into DHT (a powerful form of testosterone) can be triggered in excess due to liver dysfunction. If this happens, add more cruciferous vegetables or, better yet, DIM, which is a concentrated form of cruciferous. Stinging nettle root is a great plant to add as well. I combined DIM with cruciferous vegetables and stinging nettle root in my product called Estrogen Balance with DIM as listed at the top of this description—check it out.

Last updated: Jul 08, 2024 15:38 PM