Emergency Immune Support

How to kill viruses?

A virus can only be activated when it enters your cells. Once in the cell, it highjacks your machinery to replicate. But, there are natural things that can help reduce viral reproduction, kill viruses, and strengthen your immune system.

Many of the symptoms you experience when you have a virus aren't from the virus. Instead, the symptoms are caused by your immune system attacking the virus. The sun provides vitamin D, which inhibits viral reproduction and supports the immune system. It also produces NIR (near-infrared light). NIR can help you generate melatonin, a powerful antioxidant that is twice as strong as vitamin C.

Melatonin has many benefits for the immune system, including helping you resist and fight a viral infection. Getting out in the sun is very important for your health. A fever is your body's way of attempting to cook the virus. It can help inhibit the reproduction of viruses and shorten the viral infection cycle.

Autophagy is also powerful for helping to support your immune system because it cleans up certain pathogens that are dormant in your body. Doing intermittent fasting and periodic prolonged fasting can stimulate autophagy.

The best food to consume to kill a virus is garlic. Garlic has many different incredible antiviral properties. Consuming garlic on a regular basis is fantastic to support a healthy immune system. Nutrients you need to boost immunity are vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc. You can use many different natural remedies, including oregano oil, colloidal silver, and elderberry extract, to help your body through an infection. But, overall, instead of trying to kill a virus, I believe we should focus on supporting and strengthening the immune system.

Things that weaken your immune system and increase your susceptibly to viruses:

• Metabolic syndrome

• Insulin resistance

• Diabetes

• Chronic sleep problems

• Stress

• Vitamin deficiencies

Last updated: Feb 05, 2024 15:37 PM