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How to lose flabby arm fat?

The main reason that people tend to have fat arms is the loss of collagen, which happens over a period of time as a person grows older. Out of all the hormones, the growth hormone tends to be the single most critical factor that is responsible for losing arm fat. In adults, the growth hormone controls factors such as fat burning, tightening muscles, protein synthesis, energy. The major causes of flabby arms are lower levels of growth hormone and high cortisol levels.

To lose arm fat and avoid loose skin one must lower cortisol levels and raise the growth hormone. Lower cortisol levels can be achieved by low-intensity exercises (walking), sleeping, avoid stress, potassium foods, avoid sugar. Higher growth hormone can be achieved by high-intensity exercises, sleeping, proteins, avoid sugar.

Loose skin normally stems from a loss of collagen, which occurs when the adrenal glands become stress. This is common during and after menopause, primarily because the adrenal glands act as a backup gland for the ovaries. The buffer for cortisol is GH (Growth Hormone) and as GH drops, there is nothing left to counter the bad effects of cortisol.


1. Low-intensity exercise

2. Increase sleep

3. Support adrenal gland

4. Avoid stress

5. Increase potassium

6. Increase B vitamins

7. Avoid sugar


1. High-intensity exercise

2. Increase sleep

3. Increase some protein (not more than 6 ounces per meal)

4. Intermittent fasting - only 3 meals per day - no snacks

5. Decrease Cortisol and insulin

6. Support the liver

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 15:43 PM