Adrenal & Cortisol Support

How to prevent adrenal fatigue on Keto?

When you start a keto plan, you lose a lot of water. This is because most people are on a high-carb diet, which causes fluid retention and sodium retention. When you get on keto, you lose fluid and salts. Salt is needed to support healthy adrenal glands. If the adrenal glands are already fatigued, when you start keto, you will lose more salt. 

This means you may need more salt. But, if you’re going to do salt, you should always do sea salt. The best salt I would recommend is Himalayan pink sea salt. Himalayan pink sea salt is unrefined. I recently found that table salt has some interesting ingredients, including dextrose (sugar). Table salt is a refined product. When you get salt, you want something more natural. You want something that has the whole package.

Himalayan pink sea salt benefits:

• It’s unrefined 

• It has 84 minerals 

• It’s unpolluted 

• It has trace minerals 

• It is antimicrobial 

• It can help support healthy blood sugars 

Symptoms that you need more sea salt:

1. Keto fatigue 

2. Keto flu 

You may also want to consume sea salt if you experience: 

• Low blood pressure 

• Fatigue 

• Lightheadedness 

Last updated: Nov 13, 2023 19:06 PM