Intermittent Fasting

How to prevent muscle loss when doing intermittent fasting?

Autophagy is the state you can get into when you do intermittent fasting - where the body is recycling old damaged proteins. It gives the body a catabolic effect or a breakdown of something.

Benefits of Autophagy:

• Anti-aging

• Longevity

• Better Immune System

• Decrease Inflammation

When you don’t want to lose muscle mass while doing intermittent fasting, add strength training as a part of your workout. Loading up muscle to recruit as many muscle fibers as you can.

1. Go heavy weight with lower amount of reps

2. Go moderate amount of weight to failure

Or you can do a combination of both. These two actions can create a hypertrophy effect on the muscle which can keep them bigger and prevent them from shrinking when you are doing intermittent fasting.

Last updated: Sep 11, 2023 17:29 PM