Natural Remedies

How to pull yourself out of any stressful situation?

This simple stress-release technique works fast, is free, and has many health benefits. It will help balance the parasympathetic nervous system, which is all about “rest and digest.” This easy breathing technique is based on a book called Heart Coherence 365.

What you need to remember is 365, which stands for:

• 3 times a day

• 6 breaths per minute

• 5 minutes

Three times a day, you’re going to take six breaths per minute for five minutes. It’s important to make sure you take deep, even breaths through your nose using your stomach. You should feel your diaphragm going out and in. This breathing technique for stress can also help improve HRV (heart rate variability). HRV has a lot to do with your health and fitness reserves. An HRV (heart rate variability) device can help you better understand and improve your health and nervous system balance.

Last updated: Dec 11, 2023 15:22 PM