Symptoms, conditions and causes

How to put Multiple sclerosis in remission?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) based on Dr. Coimbra’s protocol which he found that with high doses of vitamin D3, you can see serious improvements in autoimmune conditions.

Symptoms of Hyperkalcemia

• Increased Thirst

• Increased Urination

• Stomach Pain

• Constipation

• Nausea

• Confusion

• Depression

• Heart Rhythm

Vitamin D is an immune modulator and it also influences of 3000 genes. It controls and modulates the immune system and every single immune cell has a receptor for vitamin D. Nutrients that help the absorption of vitamin K2


• Zinc

• Vitamin K2 – MK7 100mg / 10,000IU

• Magnesium

• Choline

• B2

• B12

• Folate

• Chromium

• Selenium

Other important things to remember:

1. Avoid Dairy

2. Drink more water

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