Liver Cleanse, Detox Repair Support

How to reduce liver fat?

Dr. Berg found an interesting intervention study that showed that obese patients were able to decrease their liver fat by 43.8% in just two weeks.

The participants were limited to less than 30 carbs per day—that’s the keto diet. This tells us that the keto diet starts working internally first before you start to see results on your waistline. Your body starts burning liver fat before it starts burning belly fat. Many people stop doing keto after a week or two because they don’t see immediate results. That’s a mistake because it can take weeks or months to become fully keto-adapted.

Here are some more interesting facts about this study:

• Did not lower calories (avg. 3115 calories per day)

• Significantly lower marker for liver damage

• Significantly lower fasting insulin levels + HOMA-IR

• Improved insulin sensitivity

• Lowered liver inflammation

• Rapid increase in folate (producing bacteria + blood folate)

• 94 bacterial strains were altered (major shifts in just one day)

Last updated: Jan 01, 2023 22:32 PM