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How to regrow your hair?

Whether you’re losing hair, your hair is thinning, or you have alopecia—these tips for hair loss may help. Hair is protein, and protein is made of amino acids. Lysine is a specific amino acid that greatly impacts hair growth. Lysine also helps make hair stronger and more elastic.

The best foods for hair growth are foods high in lysine, like red meat and eggs. Consuming six to eight ounces of high-quality protein twice a day will give you the protein you need. Many people experiencing hair loss are low in iron. Red meat and eggs are high in iron, and lysine helps increase iron absorption.

When you go through stress, your body’s demand for lysine goes up. If stress is causing you to lose hair, you may want to try increasing your protein consumption. To regrow hair, it’s also crucial to lower your cortisol by reducing your stress. Inflammation or a malabsorption issue in your gut could lead to a deficiency in lysine. Consuming grains or seed oils can lead to inflammation. If you have gut inflammation, you may want to try the carnivore diet.

It’s also important to support your gut microbiome because your gut microbes make amino acids. A disruption of your gut flora can cause a disruption in the microbes on your scalp. This can lead to issues like dandruff and skin disorders. A probiotic supplement or probiotic foods may help promote healthy, thick hair. A powerful form of testosterone called DHT has been known to cause hair thinning or hair loss. Zinc is a fantastic natural DHT inhibitor, and it’s in red meat. Lysine also helps inhibit DHT.

Lysine is important to support a healthy body and has many other health benefits that may indirectly help with hair loss and support hair growth. Great natural remedies for hair loss are:

• Pumpkin seed oil

• Green tea extract

• Stinging nettle root

• Nutritional yeast

Last updated: Dec 11, 2023 15:25 PM