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How to stop addictions?

Addiction to substances like nicotine, alcohol, and drugs can be incredibly difficult to overcome. These addictions harm our mental and physical health and deplete essential nutrients in the body, particularly NAD.

NAD is a crucial coenzyme involved in over 500 different chemical reactions in the body. It plays a vital role in energy production, DNA repair, and maintaining proper cellular functioning. However, addiction to substances like nicotine, alcohol, and drugs can significantly deplete NAD levels in the body.

Symptoms of NAD deficiency include fatigue, muscle soreness, weight gain, difficulty sleeping and concentrating, brain fog, and decreased stamina. These symptoms can make it even harder for someone to overcome an addiction.


To combat NAD deficiency, consider taking vitamin B3, also known as niacin. Niacin helps increase NAD levels in the body, improving energy, helping to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and aiding in addiction recovery.

Some people may experience a flushing response on their skin when taking niacin, which can be uncomfortable. In this case, no-flush niacin can be used instead. In addition to supplementing with niacin, there are other ways to increase NAD levels in the body, such as intermittent fasting, following a healthy ketogenic diet, and regular exercise. These lifestyle changes can support addiction recovery and overall well-being. In some cases, clinics offer IV therapy for NAD to help with addiction recovery. However, this can be expensive and not accessible to everyone.

Last updated: Apr 16, 2024 14:41 PM