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How to stop pre diabetes going into diabetes?

There is something that occurs before prediabetes called insulin resistance. This is a condition where your body is resisting high levels of insulin. High insulin levels are created from consuming a high-carb diet. Insulin resistance will keep your blood sugar levels appearing normal until you develop prediabetes. However, you’ll still experience symptoms of insulin resistance.

Eventually, though, the beta cells that make insulin will not work as well, and you’ll develop prediabetes. If no changes are made, prediabetes can become diabetes very quickly. At this point, you have insulin resistance and high blood glucose (diabetes).

Symptoms of diabetes:

• Frequent urination

• Brain fog

• Feeling tired after eating

• Frequent eating

• Cravings for carbs

• Tingling sensation in the hands or feet

• Vision problems

• Kidney problems

• Fatty liver

• Belly fat

The typical treatment for diabetes is medication. However, the dietary consumption of sugar and carbs is often overlooked.

The best ways to prevent diabetes naturally:

1. Replace the carbs in your diet with fat and protein

2. Do intermittent fasting

3. Consume low-starch vegetables

4. Get plenty of trace minerals, B vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin D

5. Exercise

Last updated: Dec 11, 2023 15:25 PM